Mat MacQuarrie
Art Director & Brand Designer

Pearl mobile app

Branding and UX/UI design

A friend approached me needing some design help. He was building an app for Hacking Health, a Dragon's Den style entrepreneur competition in the medical field.

With a week to produce our product pitch, we were off.

inVision Demo

Mandate: Currently, beyond using a personal spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or Numbers, no means of effectively logging medical cases exists. In polls we have done of doctors in Montreal, over 90% claim this deficit prevents them from keeping organized specific records of their cases. The majority of those polled feel this would be beneficial and aid in more efficient research, billing and better patient care through better recording practice.

We aim to design a means for all doctors, from residents to attending staff, to efficiently log their clinic or OR cases, through a complete and organized template that can later easily searched and used for long term analysis and billing purposes.