Mat MacQuarrie
Art Director & Brand Designer

Miami Partner Summit

It was time again to plan out another LightSpeed training event. I love these because it means taking complete art direction in planning the website, digital marketing, ID badges, t-shirts, designing an ice luge, etc. A fun project for someone like me!

I could think of nothing better than Miami Vice as a theme for this, being our first ever Miami event. Eighties colours, white blazers, and cheesy music. Sold.

As for the t-shirts we were giving away — It was May and summer was around the corner in Montreal and the staff was really looking forward to some early warm weather. 

I used their motivation as my inspiration for the branding of this training event. As the mermaid would seduce sailors to their demise; so too would the Miami weather to our Montreal staff. Much debauchery was had, I'm told.